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Save On Your Lubbock, TX Home's Power Usage With An HVAC Easy Start Kit

Is your AC compressor not starting up? Has your compressor worn out and needs assistance turning on? We may have the perfect solution for your heating and cooling system. At Hart Heating & AC, we specialize in easy start kits for your HVAC system. The easy start kit is essentially a compressor saver that makes starting up easier on your HVAC system. To get a compressor saver installed, call us at  806.795.1207  today!

A compressor saver has many benefits and can help to reduce the load on your heating and cooling system when starting up.

How A Compressor Saving Easy Start Kit Works

Compressors nearing the end of their working life drain more power when they kick on. This costs you money and adds wear and tear to your HVAC system compressor. The less expensive fix for this issue is an easy start kit. Easy start kits can assist your overworked compressor. An easy start kit helps start up and helps to keep lights from dimming when your outdoor unit kicks on.

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Why Should You Get A Compressor Saver?

When looking into getting a compressor saver installed for your heating and cooling system, you may want to get one if:

  • Your compressor struggles to start.
  • You want to save power when your compressor starts.
  • Your compressor does not start on its own.
  • Your HVAC is aging but still has a few years of life in it.

These are just a few of the reasons why you may want to get an easy start kit installed on your compressor. Our staff at Hart Heating & AC can help evaluate whether an easy start kit is a good choice for your system.

What Types Of Easy Starter Kits Are Available For Your HVAC Unit?

There are three main types of compressor savers designed for your heating and air conditioning system:

  • The hard starter kit.
  • The soft starter kit.
  • The easy starter kit.

The hard starter kit is usually the least expensive compressor saver, but does not employ sophisticated technology like the soft and easy starter kits. We generally recommended that you get an easy or soft starter kit to ensure that your HVAC system is well supported, as the hard starter kits do little to actually help your unit.

Schedule Your Easy Start Kit Installation

When you have a compressor saver installed on your HVAC unit, your compressor can start more easily, use less power and it's service life will be extended. Depending on the issue you are experiencing with your compressor, having an easy start kit installed can provide an affordable solution. To schedule your easy start kit installation, message us online or call us at  806.795.1207  today!!

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