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Is your furnace or heat pump inefficient during the colder months? Have you noticed your heating bills starting to increase suddenly? Does your heating system require frequent repairs? If you are noticing any of these issues, your furnace may be nearing the end of its service life. We offer specialized heating installation and replacement services to cover any of your heating needs. 

At Hart Heating & AC, we can help you with your heating problems. To get quality heating installation and replacement services, call us at 806.795.1207 today! 

When it is Time to Replace Your Heating System 

There are a variety of signals to look out for when trying to determine if you should replace your heating system or not, such as: 

  • Your heating system is more than 10 years old and needs an expensive repair. 
  • Your heating system does not heat your home efficiently anymore. 
  • Your heating system heats your home unevenly. 
  • Your heating system breaks down frequently.

If you happen to notice your heating system exhibiting any of these signals, feel free to reach out to us to learn more about if it’s the right time to replace your heating system. We can replace any type of heating system for your Lubbock area home.  

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How much does it cost to replace a furnace in Texas?

The type of furnace, the size of your home, the difficulty of the installation, and the cost of labor in your area are just a few of the variables that can greatly affect the price of replacing a furnace. Furnace replacement costs typically range from $4,000 to $8,000 or more, but they can easily exceed $10,000 or more for larger homes or installations that are more complicated. Depending on the efficiency, features, and brand, the price of the furnace can range from $1,000 to $3,000 or more. To compare costs and find the best option for your needs and budget, it is advised to obtain several quotes from qualified HVAC professionals. A high-quality furnace purchase can result in increased comfort, increased energy efficiency, and long-term cost savings.

What size heating system do I need for my Lubbock area home?

The size of the heating system you need for your home depends on several factors, including the square footage of your home, the insulation and air sealing of your home, and your heating requirements. A licensed HVAC professional can conduct a load calculation to determine the correct size heating system for your home. An undersized system may not provide adequate heating, while an oversized system will result in wasted energy and higher costs. It is important to get a professional assessment to ensure that you choose the right size heating system for your home, for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Is financing available for a new HVAC system?

Yes, financing for a new HVAC system is available through various sources such as home equity loans, personal loans, credit cards, and special financing from HVAC companies. Options vary, but some HVAC companies offer low-interest financing or payment plans with approved credit. It is important to compare rates and terms from multiple sources and carefully consider the overall cost before making a decision. Additionally, some utility companies offer rebates and incentives for energy-efficient HVAC systems, which can offset the upfront costs.

Benefits of Getting Your Heating System Replaced

One of the best benefits of getting your heating system replaced is the increased effectiveness of your home’s heating. However, there are additional benefits including: 

  • A new heating system requires less frequent repairs. 
  • A new heating system will be more efficient. 
  • Your monthly heating bill will be lower. 
  • Your home’s resale value may increase. 

Getting your old and inefficient heating unit replaced can ultimately save you more money in the end than repairing your old heating system.

How Tune-Ups Can Increase the Longevity of Your Heating System 

If you are trying to get the most out of your heating system, whether it be a brand new unit, or your current unit, heating system maintenance can help. Heating tune-ups provide a great opportunity for your heating system to be inspected to detect any issues that may be happening. It can also help to reduce the amount of debris in your system and ultimately allow your heating system to operate more efficiently.

The Best Heating System For Your Home

Are you trying to decide on the best heating system for your home? We can help you find the correct heating system for your home’s individual needs. Whether you need a furnace, heat pump, zoned system or a different type of heating system, we can help. Our experienced technicians are trained at installing a variety of heating units to make sure your needs are met. To get our heating replacement services, give us a call today! 

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