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Heating Services

Home Heating Repair, Installation, & Maintenance Service near Lubbock TX 

Is your heating system breaking down or not working? Have you noticed your heating bills increasing? Is your heating system nearing the end of its service life? Regardless of if you have a heat pump, furnace or other heating system, we can assist you with our heating services.

We offer a variety of heating services including heating repair, maintenance service and installation. To learn more about our heating services, call us at 806.795.1207 today! 

Maintain the pulse of your heating system with Hart Heating & AC heating repair, furnace replacement and HVAC maintenance services.

Hart’s Quality Heating Services 

Hart Heating & AC offers the following heating services to keep your home warm: 

Heating System Repair Service 

When it comes to the colder months, your heating system does a lot to keep your home heated and comfortable. To make sure that your heating system is able to work all winter long, you should keep an eye out for any issues occurring with your heating system to catch them early on. We provide quality heating repair services to keep your heating system operating properly.

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Heating Unit Maintenance 

We are dedicated to making sure your heating system receives the highest level of HVAC maintenance it can get. After your heating system is maintained by us, you will notice it heating your home more efficiently and your energy bills being lower. Our furnace, heat pump and other heating system maintenance clears dirt and debris from your heating system to allow it to operate more efficiently. 

Heating System Installation & Replacement

No matter what type of heating system you want installed in your home, we can help you. We know the importance of replacing your heating system once it reaches the end of its serviceable life. When your heating system gets older, it is generally more cost effective to replace it with a newer and more efficient furnace or heat pump because older heating units can begin to cost you more on repairs and energy.

When to Replace Your Heating System 

You will typically save more on energy and repairs if you have your heating unit replaced once it reaches the end of its service life. Some other reasons you may want to consider having your heating system replaced sooner is if it requires costly repairs frequently or if your heating unit breaks down often. Heat pumps and furnaces usually last around 10-15 years, making that a good mark to keep in mind when deciding whether to repair or replace your heating unit. 

To schedule any of our professional heating services, contact Hart Heating & AC today!

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