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Improve Your Home’s Humidity Level

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Have you noticed the air inside your home is too dry? Are you experiencing symptoms of overly dry air? Are your home’s wooden features or furniture becoming damaged due to dry air? If you have noticed these problems with your home’s indoor air quality, you should think about getting a whole home humidifier installed to keep your home at a comfortable and healthy humidity level. To get a humidifier installed in your home, give us a call at 806.795.1207 today! 

It is commonly known that too much humidity can be harmful to you and your home, but too little humidity can also pose an issue. 

Why You Need a Humidifier for Your Home 

If you live in the more arid parts of Texas, you may want to consider having a humidifier installed. Humidifiers can help to increase the humidity levels in your home to healthy humidity levels for both you and your home. When humidity levels are too low, your health can be impacted as well as the features in your home. Dry air can cause wood to splinter and crack.

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How a Whole Home Humidifier Works 

A whole home humidifier is typically installed directly in your heating and cooling system. As air flows through your ductwork and HVAC system, a whole home humidifier will allow the air to gather moisture as it moves through your air ducts. This process then allows for the humidity level throughout your home to increase to a comfortable level. When you are running your HVAC system constantly to maintain the temperature in your home, a humidifier can help maintain your humidity levels. 

Whole Home Humidifier Versus a Single Room Humidifier 

A whole home humidifier has more benefits than a standard single room humidifier, since it can address your entire home’s humidity issues. However, a single room humidifier can be helpful for your bedroom if dry air symptoms are making it hard for you to sleep. If your whole home suffers from dry air, the most effective way to fix the problem is to get a whole home humidifier installed directly into your HVAC system to handle the issue across your entire home.

The Benefits of a Whole Home Humidifier 

There are many benefits to getting a whole home humidifier installed, such as:

  • Your home’s humidity level is healthier.
  • Your home’s furniture and features are protected.
  • It reduces your risk of colds and sinus infections.
  • It helps you save on your heating bills.

When it comes to getting a humidifier installed in your home’s HVAC system, there are many advantages. To find out more about getting a whole home humidifier installed, contact Hart Heating & AC today! 

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