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HVAC Condensate Drain Pan

Get a Ceiling Saver for Your HVAC

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In addition to cooling your air, air conditioners also dehumidify the air to create a comfortable environment. As that process occurs, the excess water has to go somewhere. Systems that are up to code are usually fitted with a kill switch to turn off the unit if there's any overflow. To ensure that your HVAC’s condensation is able to be removed properly, you need a ceiling saver, also known as a condensate drain pan.

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Unfortunately, not all units are up to code and even if they are up to code, unexpected accidents can happen.

How a Ceiling Saver Works 

A condensate drain pan works to protect your ceiling, especially if you have a heating and cooling unit on a non-ground-level floor of your home.

When your air conditioning works to cool your home, it will produce a certain amount of condensation that will be trapped and redirected by your condensate drain line. However, if the condensate drain line does not gather all of the moisture, you will need a condensate drain pan as a backup method.

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Where is a Condensate Drain Pan Located

As we stated above, if your HVAC system is on a non-ground-level floor, you should have a drain pan. Having a ceiling saver installed directly below your HVAC system is the best way to catch any excess condensation as your cooling system cools your home. With it being placed directly beneath your HVAC system, it can help prevent damage to floors as well as ceilings in your home. 

Why You May Need to Replace Your Drain Pan

Even if your home has a drain pan installed correctly, it may eventually need to be replaced due to wear and tear. It can experience issues like becoming warped, cracked or rusted through. The most common way your drain pan may become damaged is if it holds a large amount of water for a long period of time. Additionally, when your heating system is running, your drain pan can sustain damage over time from the heat exposure.

The Benefits of a Condensate Drain Pan 

There are many benefits to having a condensate drain pan installed under your HVAC system, such as:

  • It protects your floor from becoming damaged.
  • It helps to gather excess condensation and stop leaks.
  • It can save your ceiling from water damage

In addition to protecting your home from damage, a ceiling saver also ensures your HVAC system meets code regulations. To get a condensate drain pan installed, contact us today.

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