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Air Returns

Add Air Returns to Your Home to Save on Energy

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Do you notice your home has improper air flow or something isn’t right? In some cases, adding air returns inside your home can help increase the amount of air flow and circulation throughout your home. There are many benefits to getting additional air returns added to your home’s rooms. To get an air return added to your home, give us a call at 806.795.1207 today! 

If you are thinking about getting an additional air return in your home, but need advice, reach out to the experts at Hart Heating & AC.  

Reasons to Add an Air Return 

There are many reasons you may need to get another air return added to your home, including: 

If you notice any of these issues or suspect that your home does not have enough air returns, you should consider getting additional air returns added.

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How Many Air Returns Should You Have in Each Room 

When evaluating the number of air returns you need added to your home, you should count the number of existing air returns you have in each room and note their size. Each room in your home should have at least one air return. In the case of larger rooms, you may need more air returns. Ultimately, the number of air returns you need in your home will be dictated by the size of your home, the number of rooms you have and the size of those rooms. 

Where Air Returns Should be Placed

Air returns are generally placed in hallways inside your home, below your stairwell, or in open spaces or rooms. The space they are placed must be strategic, since they will be responsible for returning air to your home’s HVAC system. When thinking about the air returns inside your home, you should also remember to keep them clear of objects and free of any obstructions that could interfere with air flow.

The Advantages of Added Air Returns 

Adding air returns optimizes pressure and moves air swiftly from room to room. This will lower your energy bill, keep your system running longer, and keep your house at the right temperature. You can save money and stay comfortable with added returns in your home. If you are thinking about getting additional air returns installed in your home, feel free to give Hart Heating & AC a call today! 

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