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Home Comfort

Take your house to next level efficiency and comfort!

What does a next-level house feel like for you?

Routine HVAC maintenance and changing filters will help keep your unit working. But there are so many ways to help increase your home's heating and cooling efficiency. Efficient homes keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and save you cash. See how Hart can take your home to the next level!

This greater activity and concentration of these airborne contaminants, equates to more allergic reactions, and sickness within families, for longer periods of time.

The Hart Guarantee

Every HVAC system we work on gets a Hart logo. It says we stand behind our work and care about your year-round comfort. Do you have a Hart Logo?


Ductwork Modifications

It's a blazing hot summer day and your baby's monitor says his room is 80°. Your thermostat says 73°. And your office feels like a walk-in freezer. You've tried window coatings and have even considered adding on to your porch to shade the baby's room. The real problem: badly designed ductwork.

Energy Star, “more than half of new systems in U.S. homes do not perform to their rated efficiency as a result of improper installation.”

At Hart, our knowledgeable technicians will test your system. They'll let you now if a few sections of custom ductwork will solve the problem or if you need a system redesign. Save money and keep your house comfortable!

Easy-to-See Thermostats

An easily read temperature will help your household or business be more aware of your temperature setting. Being more aware is the first step to keeping your thermostat at an energy-efficient, money-saving temperature! Contact us for more information on thermostats for those who are vision-impaired or suffering from arthritis.

Flow-through Humidifier

Lubbock is arid. With our blustery springs and winters, and hot summers, it's no surprise that you’re dealing with dry skin or itchy eyes. Rather than a drug store humidifier, we always recommend a full-home system. Our favorite option is a flow-through humidifier.

Flow-through humidifiers attach to your current system. Because they're positioned near a floor drain, you don't have to worry about water damage if they leak. Their design makes them easy to maintain and cleaner than a drum humidifier.

Keep your home comfortable with a flow-through humidifier.

Residential Zoning Systems

Zoned residential systems save money and energy. Instead of heating or cooling every room of your house to the same temperature, you can customize room temperatures.

Instead of freezing in your home office to cool your overheated living room, a zoned system keeps both rooms comfortable!

According to the Department of Energy, a programmable thermostat with a zoned system contributes up to 35% energy savings.

Signs You Need Zoned HVAC

  • Rooms with large windows
  • An overheated second floor
  • Rooms that feel stuffy
  • Unused rooms

Take control of your energy bill and keep your family comfortable!

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